Friday, October 16, 2009

PBS Documentary, Herb & Dorothy

Just watched the PBS documentary last night called Herb & Dorothy.  It is truly wonderful and a passionate tale about the art-collecting couple.  It's the story of postal clerk, Herbert Vogel and librarian Dorothy Vogel, a couple who used meager means and a self-trained aesthetic sense to quietly build one of the most important collections of contemporary art. 

I highly recommend it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

High Line Open Studio Tours

High Line Open Studio Tours opens to the public tonight and continues through Sunday:

THURSDAY(15th) - FRIDAY(16th) 6-9pm
SATURDAY(17th) - SUNDAY(18th) 12-6pm

For more information, go to their site:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October -- National Arts & Humanities Month

It seems appropriate that my first blog posting should highlight President Barack Obama's new proclamation that October is National Arts & Humanities month.

Here are just a few key quotes from his statement:

Throughout our Nation's history, the power of the arts and humanities to move people has built bridges and enriched lives, bringing individuals and communities together through the resonance of creative expression. It is the painter, the author, the musician, and the historian whose work inspires us to action, drives us to contemplation, stirs joy in our hearts, and calls upon us to consider our world anew

In neighborhoods and communities across the Nation, the arts and humanities lie at the center of revitalization, inspiring creativity, ideas, and new hope in areas that have gone too long without it.

An education in music, dance, drama, design, and fine art reinforces skills in fields like math and science, and it can help students reach their full potential. In an ever-changing world, we must prepare our students with the knowledge, creative skills, and an ability to innovate so they can compete and succeed on a global stage.

Read the full statement here,

Let us celebrate this month...and the power of art every day!