Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Forever connected to Art

Over the weekend, I rearranged my own art collection at home. Or at least moved one piece to a place I would see it every day.

It is an Alex Katz aquatint that I bought myself as a birthday present years ago.

Whenever I look at her (and she is not a "typical" Alex Katz portrait) I am brought back to a moment in 1986...at an Alex Katz exhibit at New York's Whitney Museum of Art.

I was there with my dear friend Gretchen (today an uber-editor with lots of titles on the NYT bestseller lists).

We were young, New Yorkers and just starting out in our professional lives. We stood and carefully analyzed one of the first paintings in the show when we overheard "Look, those two girls look like they just walked out of one of his paintings!" We laughed...and we loved it!

Years later, Gretchen gave me a wonderful coffee table book about Alex Katz and I bought Wedding Dress (38/75!)

I am forever connected to that moment and to that joyfulness. And we forever will be those girls!

It is truly part of the incredible power of art!