Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just back from Miami 2012

I have just returned from several days at Art Basel Miami 2012 looking, meeting, seeing and connecting with all things art!  While so many come together from so many different places, there is a shared passion for art - whether it's creating it or collecting it, representing it or just seeing a new vision. 

This year, I found myself particularly drawn to white, muted or monochromatic work.  As is my passion, I lean toward work which uses a range of different materials or textures - often using the shadows and light to add yet another dimension to the piece.

As a gallerist, curator and art consultant I'm always looking for compelling artwork.   

Here are just a few of my favorites from the 2012 Art Basel Miami Satellite Art Fairs:


Here's a look at Michael Buscemi new series at  K. Imperial Fine Arts at Aqua.  It is made from layered, cut paper. 

 Brooklyn Gallery, Robert Henry Contemporary is at Aqua showing the work of Liz Jaff.  This framed artwork, Fidget 2, is cut paper on board.

And on the subject of works of paper...I loved this piece!  

It is layers of cut and torn paper by Angela Glajcar.  Each sheet of paper is separated by metal dowels and plastic pieces.  The composed artwork sits anywhere from 7 to 10 inches from the wall and just pulls you into it!

Margaret Thatcher Projects is showing these wonderful marble sculptures of  Vensek & Spanle at PulseThey are serious works, yet organic and whimsical at the same time!

The string and pin artwork by Alyson Shotz at NY gallery Derek Eller at NADA entangles you in a web of intrigue and intricacy.  On the left you can see a full image and to the right a detail shot.

The richly textured oil on canvas surfaces of James Hayward.   

The artwork of SVA graduate, Rebecca Ward can be seen at the SVA booth at Miami Project.  This painting, October Surprise, is bleach and acid dye on canvas.

The clean lines and shapes in the pigment prints of Miriam Bohm at Untitled.

Whether it's going into Winter or just a purity of a lack of color, White caught my eye at the recent 2012 shows!