Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Art Fair Season in the Hamptons

This Summer, the Hamptons played host to three art fairs -- all in the month of July!

As an art dealer and art consultant, I love to go to the fairs to see the range of artwork - some surprising, fresh and engaging...others less so.

In particular, I love to see work created from unusual materials.

Here are a few of my top picks:

Zac Freeman's work at the UK's Woolf Gallery was fascinating.

From a distance, he creates strong portraits and up close, you start to see the work is made from found objects...many of them plastic.

From buttons, to forks and all objects in between, the depth, layering and tones are captivating

Tim Bergstrom's new work at Halsey McKay gallery was also intriguing.

While the layered work looks like metal threads or wiring, the top layer is created with glue!  Lines of melted and hardened glue that are layered over a wire foundation and then painted.

Very innovative, dimensional and engaging.

David Adey's work at Scott White Contemporary brought me in like a snake charmer's notes, but what charmed me the most is this piece is comprised of cut-out lips from magazines and then pinned to board.

Creative, unusual and powerful.

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