Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Because Valentine's Day is about being Smitten!

What I love about Valentine's Day is it's a day dedicated to showing our loved ones, how much we care (and this should happen every day!).  For me, it's about taking action and thinking about what is most important to my loved ones.

Several years ago, I was given a beautiful photography by my husband for Valentine's Day and today it's still one of my treasured pieces.  Now as a gallery owner, I have the opportunity to help others do the same.  I just opened up a new exhibit about Icebergs and a client came in and told me the images reminded him of an Alaskan cruise he took with his wife 10 years ago.  He is looking to add one of these photographs to his collection because it connected with him in such a special and intimate way.

This Valentine's Day we curated an exhibit all about rapture, love, flirtatiousness...and romance.  It's called "Smitten". 

Here's a look at what we think falls under this:

A sensual black and white photograph by Jesse Kalisher.  Reminiscent of the quality of Georgia O'Keefe

"The Gift" by Connecticut artist, Daryl Zang.  This painting is Oil on Canvas, 42 x 48.

The Pulsating work of Canadian artist, Franco DeFrancesca.  It moves and vibrants like a beating heart.  This artwork is 18 x 18, a pigment print with poured resin on a handcrafted layered wood frame.

The Roy Lichtenstein inspired Pop-Art paintings by Houston artist, Mitch McGee are created through layers of cut and stained birch.  They are flirty and fun... and they are also featured in the February 2013 issue of Dwell Magazine!.

This painting, "Teal Eyes" is 36 x 36.

 "Brown Eyes" is now sold and in a loving home in Oklahoma!

Mitch has also created a limited edition woodcut print of voluptuous lips.  This work on paper is 22 x 28 and says a thousand words...without every speaking a word.

To me, there is nothing like the gift of art to communicate an emotion, a sentiment and an action of caring.  To see these works and more, visit our website at:

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