Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Designer Showhouse of Westchester

Elisa Contemporary Art is thrilled to be working with two great interior designers at part of the 2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

The Showhouse opened on May 1st and runs through June 9, 2013 at 2 Cooper Road in Scarsdale, NY.  The proceeds benefit Cerebral Palsy of Westchester.

You can see the artwork of several Elisa Contemporary Art artists in the lower rec room designed by Elissa Grayer Interior Design and the third floor rec room designed by Donna Benedetto Design.

Here's a peak:

On the top level, Donna Benedetto has designed a light and airy rec room full of patterns, textures and a Chrome and Glass Ping Pong Table.

Flanking both sides of the room are the White Rag Paper Collages of Elisa Contemporary Art artist Michael Buscemi.  These works - King and Queen -  are 25" (wide) x 72" (long) filled with light and shadows.  Michael, a California artist, cuts thousands of pieces of paper and then builds up his artwork.

We are featuring two new pieces by Michael in our new gallery exhibit, Cut, Rolled and Burnt.


Donna also designed this custom bookshelf featuring wonderful octagonal shapes

Here's a look at the full room:

As you walk down the stairs into the lower level space,  you will be greeted by a painting by Elisa Contemporary Art Hawaii artist, Carol Bennett.  This painting, Light 2, is Oil and Acrylic on Wood Panel and you transported into this world - floating in the water with the sun streaming down. The painting is 37 x 46.

As you turn left and travel down the hallway into the lower level rec room designed by Elissa Grayer, you are pulled in by these playful ceramic Jack sculptures and the serene buddhas and candles in the fireplace.


This seating area is filled with shapes and textures including a fabulous acrylic chair.

One of the photographs by John Conn, featured in our recent Iceberg exhibit, is placed on a wonderful architectural console.   This limited edition photograph is Antarctic 119.

Two small mixed media paintings by Rosalind Schneider can also be seen in the room.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with such talented designers as Elissa Grayer and Donna Benedetto in this beautiful Designer Showhouse at 2 Cooper Road in Scarsdale.

Be sure to stop by before June 9th and see these rooms as well as wonderful rooms designed by Debra Funt, Gail Green, Debra Gottlieb and others.

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