Friday, July 24, 2015

Immersion and the Artwork of Jeffrey Palladini

Last few days to catch the Elisa Contemporary Art exhibit Immersion at The Design Studio in Bridgehampton, NY.    Immersion is a deep dive into the Summer Season featuring the Swimmer artwork of Kaua’i artist Carol Bennett, New Orleans Hyperrealist Matt Story and San Francisco Minimalist, Jeffrey Palladini. The exhibit will run through July 27, 2015

We will also be debuting a paint and video “painting” by Jeffrey Palladini shown here

 Palladini is also using the water in his new series of work – combining painting and video --  to focus on the duality between stillness and motion, the passive and the active, and the tension created between the two.  The painted figures in the foregrounds physically occupy our tangible world, but are inert, motionless while the world and water in this case, moves on without them.  They are passive in the truest sense, helpless or unwilling to effect events unspooling around them.

Water and swimming pools specifically, have been featured in Palladini’s work for years, initially developed as part of his Hotel Series.   According to Palladini, “In addition to reflecting the work of influences like David Hockney and Eric Fischl, these works also originate from my youth in Southern California, and have come to symbolize for me not only the calm normally associated with water, but also a deep sensuality and intimacy.”

Jeffrey Palladini’s unconventional portraits evoke feelings of sensuality and euphoria. While the San Francisco-based artist studied at California State University, it was in Florence that his true creative spirit was pulled forth from the beauty that surrounded him.

Now his modern figure paintings breathe life with vibrant colors and flowing brush strokes. Unlike many portrait paintings, Jeffrey minimizes the amount of detail and information allowing the viewer to gain intense suggestions of emotions in an instant. The simplicity is reminiscent of Alex Katz.

Palladini has exhibited his work around the U.S. and the world for over twenty years.  His work is included in numerous private and corporate collections.  Most recently, Palladini was honored with an SFMOMA SECA Award nomination, and in 2013 was named one of San Francisco's Top 20 Artists by Asterisk Magazine


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