Friday, November 29, 2013

Art from the Left Coast opens at Elisa Contemporary Art today!

Elisa Contemporary Art presents Art from the Left Coast.  The exhibit opens November 29, 2013.  It will run through January 26, 2014.    

As the winter approaches, we venture to California and the Pacific Islands to see refuge and a reprieve.  Featured artists include:
   Los Angeles flow artist, Kimber Berry                   Kauai painter, Carol Bennett
   San Jose constructionist, Michael Buscemi            Big Island artist, Mike Field
   San Francisco minimalist, Jeffrey Palladini        Maui hyper-realists, Madeline & Peter Powell

Art from the Left Coast highlights include:

A Small Miracle of Circumstance by Kimber Berry, a recent painting from latest series, Plastic Gardens. 
In this series, Kimber addresses the ongoing diminishing natural environments.  According to Kimber, "Amongst hundreds of thousands of miles of concrete and steel we feel a distance from nature and are compelled to create green spaces, oasis, parks and gardens of cut grass, pruned trees and waterfalls constructed of painted  concrete rocks encircled by highly designed flower beds, essentially nature on our terms.   I've constructed this series of paintings inspired by these plastic gardens."

Here's a look at the painting: 

Stop by the gallery on Friday, November 29th to take a look at our new exhibit.  We'll be open from 10am - 6pm at 5622 Mosholu Avenue, Riverdale NY

What: Art from the Left Coast
o   Featured California Artists: Kimber Berry, Michael Buscemi, Jeffrey Palladini
o   Featured Pacific Island Artists: Carol Bennett, Mike Field, Peter and Madeline Powell
When: November 29, 2013 through January 26, 2014
Special Holiday Event for Kids: 
o   Paper Construction Holiday Decoration workshop inspired by Michael Buscemi artwork on       Saturday, December 14 from 3-5pm  RSVP required
§  Where: Elisa Contemporary Art, 5622 Mosholu Avenue (near 256th Street), Riverdale NY 10471.
Hours: Friday/Saturday 10 am – 6 pm and by Appointment


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