Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Michael Buscemi's Klari 2 has found a home!

We're thrilled that California artist, Michael Buscemi's rag paper collage, Klari 2, has found a new home in Manhattan through Interior Designer, Maria Aiello!  She spotted the artwork as she was at the 1stdibs space at the New York Design Center, 200 Lexington Avenue.

According to Michael, Klari 2 had "started to form in my studio before my trip to Tbilisi, Georgia. I left the painting behind and embarked on a journey with the excitement and wonder for things to come. While in Tbilisi, I was impacted by the mystic Caucasus Mountains and the undulating black sea; but most importantly, I was moved by the wild whispers of the winds in Tbilisi. When I came back to California, I felt like it was all a dream. I got back into my studio and processed all I have dreamed

Elisa Contemporary Art has been representing Michael Buscemi since 2012.  Here's a little about the artist:

Micheal Buscemi was born in upstate New York. As a young child, Michael traveled all around the country with his family. In 1986 they made their home in San Francisco bay area.

According to California artist, Michael Buscemi, " In a quest to get back to simplicity, I found myself exploring cut paper, and mixed- media collages. This process allowed me to build constructs and change composition with a rapid immediacy. These sculptural elements allow me to work in unison layer after layer; creating shadow, contrast, depth and movement. I love to work with sense of spontaneity; however I am also engaged in the highly repetitive meticulous process.  I am inspired by the rhythm and forms that emerge from the shadow. I see this as the ever-changing evolution process."

Michael began his white-on-white paper collage series in 2012.  His work has become part of collections throughout California, New York and Europe.

Additional work by Michael can be seen at

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