Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last Days to see Reflection & Vision, curated by Elisa Contemporary Art at 1stdibs at New York Design Center.

Last Days to see Reflection & Vision, the Black & White curated exhibit by Elisa Contemporary Art at 1stdibs at New York Design Center.

Elisa Contemporary Art has curated Reflection and Vision – works of Black & White at 1stdibs at NYDC.   

Our latest exhibit explores three contemporary artists:  One is working in all black, the other in all white.  Our third artist, who is color blind, works in black & white.

To color theorists, black is the absence of all color.  When there is no light, there is no color and therefore all is black.  

 However, according to New York artist, James Austin Murray who creates lush, textured all-black oil paintings:
"The focus in my paintings is all light. They have a reflective nature that interacts with the light around them. This makes the work subtly interactive with their environments. Black absorbs the full spectrum of light and what we have left is pure reflections of color….I'm compelled to make these paintings by my interest in light and movement, in the paint itself, and the color and character of reflective light….At times I work off-square. I let the shapes influence the paint and give it both a parameter to play with and work within."

At the other spectrum, white is the blending of all colors.  California Artist, Michael Buscemi began his series of pure white paper collages in 2012.  Buscemi wanted to eliminate all existing media and be left only with light, shape and shadow.  He takes extra thick rag paper and with swift and fluid cuts, creates thousands of small, shaped pieces.  These severed paper pieces are then built up and layered, allowing the shadows and shapes to organically form.  We will be debuting a just-completed collage, Klari 2 from a new landscape series.  The results are white on white dimensional artworks filled with depth, reflection and shadows.

Arizona artist, Ken Peloke is colorblind, and although this used to present a challenge for him as an artist, he has learned to control his color palette to limit his frustration.  In his recent body of work, he creates photorealistic mixed media horse paintings inspired by the time he has spent with his wife’s horses. The more time he spent with them, the more Ken discovered their beauty, their athleticism, and their innocence. His bold, large-scale pieces capture the pure essence of each horse – the beauty, nobility and power. His multimedia approach creates depth and incredible realism. According to Ken, “There is such an honesty and purity that is felt while spending time with our horse, as an artist I feel compelled to try to relay those same emotions to the viewers through my work.

 What: Reflection and Visions.  Works of Black & White.
o   Artists: James Austin Murray, Michael Buscemi, Ken Peloke
When: Now through November 30, 2013

Where: 1stdibs at NYDC, 200 Lexington Avenue, 10th floor, NYC.
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday 10 am – 5 pm


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